Elspeth Robertson

I am a professional art therapist and clinical counsellor living and working in Vancouver, BC. Originally from Ontario, the oceans and the mountains (and school!) called me here and I decided to stay. I received my undergraduate degree (BA) from Queen's University, where I studied psychology and art history. 

In my graduate program at Adler University (MCP-AT), I studied counselling psychology and art therapy. I have special interests in working with children through play and art, as well as adults experiencing stress and anxiety who need an extra boost of creativity, compassion and calm. 

I am a lifelong learner, guided by curiosity and open exploration.  In my downtime, I enjoy snuggling my cat Nimbus, making art, enjoying nature, or curled up with a good book.

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My practice holistically fosters healing in the physical, emotional, cognitive and spiritual realms of human experience. Everybody has the intrinsic ability to heal their mind, body and soul, but we often become disconnected from these innate and evolutionary processes. My practice aims to use evidence-based modalities and a trauma-informed lens to reconnect clients with their natural healing processes. Imagination, intuition and the presence of the creative process can be transformative. 

Learn more about counselling, art therapy and my therapeutic approach below.


An Eclectic Approach.

When has one thing ever worked for everybody? I work from an eclectic, client-centred approach that integrates many different evidence-based therapeutic styles and techniques, so each therapeutic experience is tailored to every unique client.


Ecopsychology recognizes the interconnectedness of humans within the natural world and emphasizes the healing power of reconnecting with human nature, as formed by evolutionary processes. Nature-connection healing can take place through reconnecting not only with the natural environment but with one’s inner nature of curiosity, exploration and community.

Solution Focused Counselling

Solution-focused counselling is a strengths-based approach, emphasized by the counsellor’s confidence in the client’s ability to enact positive change in their life by accessing inner resources and strengths. Counsellors attempt to understand each client’s subjective construction of the problem and work with clients to explore different possible meanings, realities or alternate truths.

Positive Psychology

Positive psychology emphasises that regularly experiencing and expressing positive emotions may broaden the scope of one’s attention and generate an ‘upward spiral’ of positive emotions. By focusing attention on moments of joy and gratitude, one can build personal resources for coping effectively with stress and adversity. 

Interpersonal Neurobiology

Interpersonal neurobiology attempts to understand how deep inner experiences and experiences within personal relationships are integrated within the fields of neurobiology, psychology, evolutionary science and anthropology and focuses on the practical application of these sciences to build a strong mind. 


Mindfulness is the practice of slowing down and bringing one's attention to present-moment experiences, noticing thoughts, feelings and sensations free from judgement. Through gentle, moment by moment awareness, this meditation style can facilitate calm, stress-reduction and boost happiness endorphins.

Somatic Therapy

Somatic therapy is an integrative approach to healing trauma which incorporates the body into the therapeutic process, connecting body sensations with thoughts, feeling and emotions. Trauma, stress and anxiety can often be felt in the body. Somatic therapy can enhance feelings of groundedness, resilience and the body's capacity to heal. 

Compassion Focused Therapy

Self-compassion may serve as an adaptive, self-supportive strategy in which individuals develop empathetic and nonjudgmental views of themselves, buffering against self-criticism and over-identification with negative self-thought and feelings. Compassion focused therapy focuses on developing this compassionate attitude towards the self.

Play Therapy

Play provides a rich learning environment which helps to prepare children for what they may experience later in life, as well as providing motivation and practice in many domains of development. Integrating play-based modalities within the therapeutic framework allows children to effectively reduce stress and anxiety while still being engaged and interested in the therapeutic process.



Masters of Counselling Psychology - Art Therapy  (MCP-AT) | Adler University 2020

Bachelor of Arts (Honours) Psychology (Major) & Art History (Minor) | Queen's University 2017

Professional Membership

Professional Art Therapist #55675125 | Canadian Art Therapy Association

Certifications and Training

Core Indigenous Cultural Safety Mental Health | San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety 2020

Certificate in Ecopsychology | Pacifica Graduate Institute 2019

Cows Can Be Purple Facilitator Certification | Adler University 2019

Mastering Telehealth & Anxiety Treatment in the Age of Social Distancing | PESI In Progress

An Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences 2020

Mindfulness-Based Somatic Therapy Levels 1 & 2 | Holistic Healing Trauma 2020

Expressive Play Therapy for Healing Complex Trauma | Centre for Expressive Therapy 2020

Expressive Play Therapy: An Integrative Approach | Centre for Expressive Therapy 2020

Solution Focused Training Workshop with Max Innes Levels 1, 2 & 3 | Moving Forward Family Services 2019-2020

The Clinical Application of Compassion | NICAMB 2019

Chi Kids Teacher Training Level 1 | Chi School 2019

A Strategic Approach to Suicide Prevention + Counselling on Access to Lethal Means | Suicide Prevention Resource Centre 2019

Parenting After Separation | Justice Education Society 2019

Pending and in Progress *

Registered Clinical Counsellor | British Columbia Association of Clinical Counsellors

Certified Canadian Counsellor | Canadian Counselling and Psychotherapy Association

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional | Institute of Certified Anxiety Treatment Professionals 

Certified Clinical Telemental Health Provider | Evergreen Certification Institute 


Please note my status as a pre-registered clinician at this time. While I have completed all educational and practical components required for registration as a clinical counsellor and professional art therapist in BC, applications require processing time by the registering bodies (BCACC & CCPA).

In the province of BC, I am able to counsel clients as a pre-registered clinician, however without a registration number, most insurance agencies will not reimburse for these sessions. I am committed to ethical transparency within my practice, and for this reason, my fee is lower while I await registration.