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Group counselling opens the door to connecting with people who may be going through similar challenges. The heart of group counselling is the group members, who can offer support, advice and coping strategies from someone who "gets it". Groups can be immensely powerful in providing a safe space to work through obstacles. 

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Self Care For Counsellors

Topic: Art as Therapy; Self-Care

Co-facilitator: Bethany MacGillivray, BA, MCP-AT

Participants: MFFS Intern Counsellors & Supervisors

Location: Moving Forward Family Services

Duration: January - March 2020

Dates: Mondays; 12-3 pm

Cost: Free

Description: Join counselling art therapy students Bethany and Elspeth in the boardroom for an afternoon full of self-care through art-making and connection! Creating art in the presence of other practitioners can help counsellors process and regulate any emotions and/or transference that may come up in sessions. This studio is a space for MFFS counsellors to come together and build community while experiencing the therapeutic benefits of art, including stress reduction and emotional catharsis. If you are experiencing burnout, this group is for you!

Self Care Saturdays 

Topic: Art as Therapy; Self-Care; Yoga & Meditation

Co-facilitators: Bethany MacGillivray, BA, MCP-AT,

Jocelyn Huerta, BA, MCP-AT, 

Chin Chi, BA, MSc, MCP-AT,

Participants: Adler University students and educators

Location: Adler University

Duration: October 2019 - March 2020

Dates: Saturdays; 10 am -2 pm 

Cost: Free

Description: Self Care Saturdays is a weekly open studio group which incorporates yoga, meditation and art and emphasizes creativity as self-care. Each week the drop-in studio group explores different yoga and art activities designed to increase positive coping skills and manifest positivity.