• Elspeth Robertson

Art Prompt: Draw Your Inner Mentor

As we practice self-compassion, it can be helpful to have a visual representation of what our inner loving mentor looks like.

I am super familiar with the critical voice in my head - the one that tells me I am not good enough, who knocks me down time and time again. You can probably relate. There is something so poignant about this voice, it takes over and doesn't leave room for a thought of other thoughts. A self-compassion practice is useful for making this critical voice just a little bit smaller and introducing another voice, one of compassion, kindness and gentleness. Since we often don't have a lot of practice hearing this voice in our heads, it can sometimes sound quiet and feel small. This art exercise is the perfect way to make the voice of your inner mentor feel bigger and take up more space in your head!

Your Inner Mentor

All you need for this art prompt is a little bit of imagination and your favourite art supplies. I used collage materials (magazines, scissors, glue), but you can draw, paint or even create a 3-D sculpture. My inner mentor looks like a woman lifting me up, pulled into the sky by a flock of birds. You inner mentor might be an animal, a human figure, an abstract blob, a ray of light, or something else entirely. Allow yourself to connect with whatever image you clearly envision when thinking of your inner mentor.

Give yourself 30-45 minutes to immerse yourself in an art experience. Remember, you are making art only for yourself - your art doesn't need to be perfect. Focus on the process rather than the product.

  1. Start by connecting to your inner nurturing self. Maybe placing your hand on your heart, breathing in and out. Think of how you are a caregiver or nurturer to others. What qualities do you possess that allows you to fill these roles? If it is helpful, write your responses down.

  2. Ask yourself: What does this nurturing part of myself look like? Who is it that guides these actions?

  3. When you have a clear vision of this part of yourself, gather your art supplies and start creating a representation of this inner mentor (you may also choose to call it your inner caregiver or nurturer, or give it whatever name you choose). Use your art materials to bring this inner mentor onto the page.

  4. Allow yourself to spend a significant amount of time on this artwork. It does not have to be finished all in one sitting. Come back to the page to give your inner mentor details, make it fully alive and represented on the page.

I encourage you to put your image in a prominent spot where you will be able to see it daily. When your critical voice starts to make an appearance, allow your eyes to be drawn to the image of your inner mentor. Remind yourself that the critical voice is not the only voice that exists in your head. Your inner mentor has a voice and a rightful space in your mind. Connect with this part of your self through the artwork.


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