• Elspeth Robertson

Art Prompt: Gratitude Collage

I created this visual representation of my gratitude months ago in the depths of winter. Looking at this collage reminds me to look towards the sunshine and reflect on what I am grateful for. Read on for a prompt to create your own gratitude collage.

I always feel happier when I am able to spend time outside and in the sunshine. When I spend too much time inside, (which is so easy to do in the city!) I start to feel anxious, overthinking takes over and I get almost nothing done. I'm so grateful to have a beautiful city park close to my home to dedicate time for curiosity and decompression in the fresh air. This collage is a reflection of that gratitude.

I mean, just look at what the parks around Vancouver have to offer!

Create your own gratitude collage

  1. Start by looking through magazines, old greeting cards, paper scraps or even online on Pinterest.

  2. Cut out and save the images that you feel inspired by, and you feel connected to. When I began my gratitude collage, images on the sun kept popping out at me. I cut all of them out - there are four suns in my artwork!

  3. Look through your images and select the ones that represent what gratitude means to you. Sometimes you won't know what the theme of the collage will be until you start looking at all of your images together, and that's okay. Images and symbols have a way of presenting themselves when we need them.

  4. Assemble your images together on your page. When you are happy with the layout, glue the images down.

  5. Title and date your collage. Remember that it is a representation of gratitude in this moment of your life and take pleasure in the fact that tomorrow you may have something new to be grateful for. Hang it up somewhere you can see it to remind yourself of the abundance in your life.

Materials List

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Happy artmaking!