• Elspeth Robertson

Art Prompt: Vision of a Beautiful Day

As December comes to a close, you might be reflecting on the past year. Oof. 2020 was a doozy.

We have all had to make significant sacrifices this year, including cancelling a lot of the year end traditions that usually fill up the calendar this time of year. It is easy to look at this time in a negative light, and get caught in a downward thinking spiral. If you need a little pick me up, why not try some art-making? Art-making itself helps with stress-reduction, especially if you pair it with positive thinking patterns, like in the art prompt below. This exercise is a collaboration between me and my colleagues Bethany MacGillivray ast Soul Flow Therapy and Yu-Wen Yao.

A Vision of a Beautiful Day

I created this image while facilitating a cheerful end-of-the-year gathering. Our focus was on Joyful Artmaking and this art prompt fits the bill. All you need for this art prompt is a little bit of imagination and your favourite art supplies. I used collage materials (magazines, scissors, glue) and watercolour paints.

Give yourself 30-45 minutes to immerse yourself in an art experience. Remember, you are making art only for yourself - your art doesn't need to be perfect. Focus on the process rather than the product.

  1. Start by thinking of a vision of a beautiful day. Perhaps it is a day that you recall from your memory or perhaps it is something that you want to cultivate in your future.

  2. Ask yourself: What does a beautiful day mean to you? What does this day look like? Is it warm or cool? What are you doing on this day?

  3. When you have a clear vision of what this day looks like, gather your art supplies and start creating a representation of this day. Use whatever art materials call to you to best express your vision of a beautiful day. It can be concrete or abstract. Explore feeling through colours, lines, shapes and forms.

  4. After some time art-making, look at what you have created so far. Is there anything else that you want to include in this picture? Maybe it is an activity, a person or a feeling that sticks out to you now that you have started your drawing. Allow yourself to spend more time with your artwork to give it what it needs to be whole.

Your artwork will always look different from someone else's work, just as your vision for a beautiful day will be different - and will likely even change from day to day. My vision of a beautiful day focused on warmth and sunlight. I has just gone for a walk outside, where the mix of cool air and bright sun invigorated me and brought me joy. Turning my face to the sun, I thought "this is a beautiful day". It can be that simple.

I started my artwork with collage materials, finding the yellow mimosa flowers to be a good representation of sunshine, and adding in the leaves, the bird and the hand, as if wanting to hold on to this warmth. My image felt like it needed more joy, so I added the watercolour to represent the rainbow prisms that feel like such a gift when you see them in nature.

Intentionally looking for the gifts and the beauty in your day will help you to become more aware of these small moments even when you are not looking for them. It can open your eyes to a different version of the world - something that we desperately need right now.


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