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retreat workshop may 6-7

My colleague Alex and I have been working behind the scenes to create something great for you - our very own retreat weekend!

Have you ever felt like you aren't connected to your authentic self? That your inner critical voice guides your decisions and motivation? Do you want to understand yourself better through a self-compassionate lens?

We created this retreat as a portal to understanding and embracing all parts of self.

This is a 2-day therapeutic retreat focused on embracing all parts of self, running from 10:00 am - 2:30 pm Saturday, May 6 and Sunday, May 7.

This retreat is filled with self-exploration, parts work and creative expression. Through an experiential process, you can look forward to expanding and deepening your understanding of the parts within that influence how you feel, think, and move through the world. We will help you bridge awareness into actionable change with evidence-based practices.

Our main group focus is on parts work. We all have parts of self that show up in different ways and tell different stories. You may be familiar with your own inner critic or inner child. When we are able to embrace all parts of self, we come to a compassionate understanding of our authentic selves.

Our understanding is aided by comprehensive psychoeducation, art therapy, mindfulness and somatic practices.

Over the course of 2 days, we will:

  • understand and increase awareness on thoughts, feelings and body sensations

  • exploration of the research and impacts of shame, the antidote for feelings of shame and stepping towards embracing all parts of you!

  • practice noticing inner critical thoughts and responding with self-compassion

  • connect and embody your inner wise self through right-brain creative interventions

  • balance of individual and group processing (e.g. space to journal, and share with the group)

The group cost is $525 + GST (totalling $551.25). Save $50 with early bird tickets! Early bird pricing is in effect from April 8 - April 22.

  • Your investment includes:

  • 8 hours of counselling (combined talk therapy, art therapy, mindfulness and somatic therapies)

  • practices and tools to implement and take away

  • new connections and camaraderie with folks doing the inner work

  • guidance and facilitation from two bomb therapists

  • personalized art to take home

This is a weekend dedicated to a deep dive on you! A space to unpack your default thinking through the lens of parts work. If you are looking to develop more self-compassion, temper your inner critic, or cultivate more sustainable harmony among the different parts of you, this just might be the workshop for you.



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