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New Year's Intentions

We are halfway through January 2023. It seems like the new year doesn't really set in until we get to this point. I've only just gotten used to writing the date in my journal and am getting back into my post-holiday rhythm.

I'm curious, do you make resolutions for the new year?

A few years ago, I started setting intentions and exploring themes rather than making resolutions.

I like the idea of sitting down, intentionally looking at my life and exploring how I would like to show up in the coming year.

I like goals! I like having things to look forward to! But something about resolution language doesn't always sit well with me. It seems that so many resolutions are focused on changing everything about ourselves in order to be valued and loved. "New year, new you" implies that who you were in the previous year wasn't enough. This shame-based language focuses on removing (e.g. what habits can I get rid of?) and I want to focus on adding. What do I want to add into my life in the coming year?

When I was talking to my dad about my dislike of the phrase "new year, new you", he came up with the phrase "new year, renew you".

What a breath of fresh air. Renew you: a recommitment to self; coming back to daily self-care rituals after the stressful holiday period.

With this in mind, I am easing into the year with these themes:

☼ trusting the process ☼ embracing imperfection ☼ chasing sunshine ☼ allowing rest ☼ deep inner knowledge of my own worthiness ☼ finding magic in the everyday

I hope to explore these themes throughout 2023. They are not new. These themes were with me in 2022. But I hope to recommit myself to actions that are supportive of them. Resting more, maybe on the grass in the sun. Creating art, just to create, knowing that it does not need to be perfect.

And for the knowledge of my own worthiness, I will keep repeating my favourite affirmation:

You are a worthy being, just for being.

How will you show up for yourself in 2023?



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