Self Exploration Through Art

An Online Art Therapy Group

Are you looking to create more time for self-care? Or maybe you would like to focus on getting to know yourself better? Perhaps you just want to dedicate more time to art-making and mindful breaths. Join Bethany, Elspeth and Yu-Wen, Vancouver-based counsellors and art therapists for five weeks of self-exploration through art.

COVID-19 has created a culture of uncertainty and shifted how we define ourselves in our society. With people now going back to work, or for those who have continued to go into work during the pandemic, there is now a greater focus on how we want to use our time and energy going forward. We can choose how we move forward, focusing less on a culture of busy-ness and more on self-care and self-exploration.

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It is an act of affirming your

presence in the world.

Each drawing becomes a visual interpretation of your

moment-to-moment journey, of your unique expression.