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Creativity in Counselling Workshop Series

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Topic: Creativity in Counselling; Art-Based Tools for Counselling Professionals

Location: Online

Duration: Five one-hour workshops over the course of 5 weeks

Dates: Fridays, June 19 -

July  17, 2020

Cost: $50 CAD

Description: The workshop focuses on incorporating creativity & art-based tools into therapeutic practice and daily self-care. The one-hour demonstrative workshops include information on how to incorporate metaphors, meditations and interventions into therapy in creative ways, as well as leading through creative interventions designed for anxiety, self-compassion, easing transitions, calming/coping strategies, counsellor self-care. Participants have the opportunity to personally practice these interventions and share what they have learned from their creative expression. 

  Encouragement and Positive Discipline 

Parenting Workshop

Topic: Encouragement; Positive Discipline; Adlerian Parenting

Co-facilitators: Coneitia Mckim, RCC,


Jenny Lee, BFA, MCP-AT Student 

Participants: Watari Service Users

Location: Watari Counselling and Support Services Society

Duration: 2 hours

Dates: November 9, 6-8 pm

Cost: Free

Description: This workshop presents tools and resources for Adlerian parenting and positive discipline, focusing on responding with encouragement rather than pain, shame and blame when a child misbehaves. Art making is explored to include children into the experience and create a take-home object that symbolizes encouragement. 

What People are Saying:

"Elspeth is an engaging, energetic leader with a wealth of knowledge about art therapy, and an obvious passion for sharing it with others. This course inspired me to incorporate more creative and mindfulness-based techniques with my clients and was truly inspiring for my practice. " Kate, Creativity in Counselling participant

" You are a gifted and special presenter and leader. Thank you for the inspiration! " Creativity in Counselling participant