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6-week art therapy group 

Your relationship with yourself is the most important relationship that you have.

Turn your focus inward to explore your inner loving presence. As we focus on nurturing our relationship with ourselves, we begin to connect with our own needs and cultivate more self-love.

Guided therapeutic art activities focus on connecting with our innermost selves through the five love languages. The five love languages are: quality time, receiving gifts, physical touch, words of affirmation and acts of service (devotion). Therapeutic art-making provides the unique opportunity to explore these themes through the use of symbol, image and metaphor.

next group will be running in october/november





group format:

facilitators: Elspeth is your facilitator. Oftentimes, she is joined by an co-facilitator. You will have advance notice of who will be facilitating your group.

location: the group runs in downtown Vancouver or online over Zoom.

duration: the group runs for 6 consecutive weeks and each session lasts 2 hours.

check-in: at the beginning of each session, we will check in to see how everyone is doing, and if there are any reflections to share before we begin

theme: each week focuses on a different expression of love. We explore our relationships to ourselves from the perspective of the five love languages.

journalling: each session, you will have the opportunity to respond to questions and prompts through journalling. This creates a deeper understanding of the week's theme before we move into art-making.

art-making: there is no art experience needed to participate in this group. When the group is held in studio, all art materials are provided. When the group is held online, art materials are not provided. A suggested materials list is sent to participants before the group begins, however, you are welcome to participate with whatever materials you choose. The art process is the focus of this group - there will be at least 45 minutes of independent art-making time in each session.

group sharing: towards the end of our time, we come together to share our reflections on the process. Each participant can choose to share (or not share) anything they would like, including passages from the journalling prompt, art work and descriptions of the process. While sharing, we ensure that we do not comment on anyone else's art or unique story, but rather share our own reflections. Though this is a therapeutic group, it is not a supplement for individual therapy.

Eventbrite Banners.png

how this is different from a studio art workshop

This group focuses on the art process, not the art product. There will be no artistic instruction. Instead participants are given prompts/suggestions and they can choose how they would like to respond. There is no wrong way to create art in this group: responses can look like scribbles, clay sculpture, a written poem, a dance and cut out images, for example.

how this is different from traditional group therapy 

Traditional group therapy generally focuses on group discussion and skill-building or coaching designed to target a specific subject. While art therapy groups offer a similar community support network, discussion is not the main focus of this group. Participants are asked to work independently and focus on introspection and are then welcome to share their reflections with the group. 

This group supplements, but does not replace individual therapeutic support. There may be themes that come up in the group setting that you require more support around. I am not able to diagnose, treat, or offer clinical support within this group. Please seek individual therapeutic support when needed.

your investment

$510 (or $85 per session) in-person; $300 (or $50 per session) online. GST is included in the registration fee. When you register for this 6-week group, you will be charged the full amount.

Oftentimes, early bird discounts are available!

There is one discounted ticket available per group. Advance notice of group registration goes out to newsletter subscribers and those on the interest list. If you are interested in joining at a discounted rate, joining the mailing or interest list will increase your likelihood of accessing this ticket.

Please try your best to attend all sessions. If you know in advance you will be missing more than one session, consider registering during a different season - this group is run approximately twice a year.


Registration is open to adults (18+) of all genders.


The group is limited to 5 participants in-person or 8 participants online to allow for deeper processing and group cohesion. We want to ensure that every participant has an opportunity to share and connect.

We are unable to issue refunds for any missed sessions. If you need to cancel your registration, you must do so within 5 days of the first session to receive a refund. Feelings of safety and support can be disrupted with late joining members - registration is not permitted past the start date. Missing the first two sessions similarly prohibits future participation; in this instance, a refund cannot be issued.

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