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who am i?

Registered Clinical Counsellor | Registered Art Therapist | Artist | Teacher

I became a healing professional based on an innate curiosity about people's stories. I have always been a bookworm, forming connections with characters based on their inner dialogues. What I learned is that this self-talk doesn't always contain the full truth - oftentimes it is the perspective of other characters that inspires movement and growth. This is true is real life as well.  

Here is part of my story: I have always been the good kid; the kid with good grades, who was nice to everyone, a teacher's pet, engaged in all of the after-school activities. I have also always been deeply anxious. I know what it is like to excel in school/work and still feel inadequate, like I needed to work to the point of burnout in order to "prove myself". I know the fear of failure and imperfection. When I badly broke my knee the summer after undergrad, life's pacing shifted for me. I could not work "productively"; I needed to dedicate time to healing, and I recognized how much the chronic stress and perfection-seeking was affecting my mind and body. I started art projects and found comfort, solace, excitement and healing in art. Now, creating deep meaningful art with my clients is a dream come true. Everyday, I am choosing presence over perfection, showing up messily and authentically, with the knowledge that I am enough just as I am.


I am passionate about supporting people to similarly live intentional, values-aligned and authentic lives. This work involves re-examining our narratives, connecting mind, body and spirit, making a mess and endeavouring to try new things. Along the way, the story becomes richer, more nuanced with a more compassionate outlook. 

my intersections

Intersectionality is important to me. I acknowledge that my intersections grant me incredible privilege. I am committed to learning about systemic oppression and engaging in anti-colonial, anti-capitalist, HAES and intersectional feminist work.

I am a white, cis, able-bodied, post-graduate educated, spiritual, anxious, queer, fat woman. My pronouns are she/her. 

personal details

I am a Leo, an HSP and a Meyers-Briggs INFJ.

I have Scottish heritage - here's how to pronounce my name.

I grew up in rural Southern Ontario.

I have 4 brothers and we all have little cat companions. 

I try to read around 2 books a week.

Stardew Valley is my favourite video game.

When I was little, I wanted to be an artist and a teacher - and now I get to do both!

Bob's Burgers is my ultimate comfort show. 

Salty over sweet, always.

how i work

I work from an approach that integrates various evidence-based therapeutic styles and techniques. Rather than following a set treatment plan, we set intentions for our time together at the beginning of each session. While each session may have a different focus, a combination of art, talking and breath practice is common. I love to laugh with my clients - because the therapeutic process is guided just as much about goodness and joy, as it is about exploring what you are struggling with. I am guided by humour and appreciation of beauty, seeking magic in every day experiences.

the nitty gritty

modalities: art therapy | somatic therapy | ecopsychology | narrative therapy | positive psychology | interpersonal neurobiology | mindfulness | HAES/anti-diet

education: Masters of Counselling Psychology - Art Therapy (Adler University 2020) | Bachelor of Arts - Psychology & Art History (Queen's University 2017) | Certificate in Ecopsychology (Pacifica Graduate Institute 2019) | Core Indigenous Cultural Safety Mental Health (San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety 2020) | Somatic Experiencing Beginning I II & III (Somatic Experiencing Institute 2022).

continuing education: In July 2022, I committed to a year away from formal/institutional continued education. In an effort to recover from burnout, I allowed intuition to guide, rather than seeking achievement through certificates and training. I am consistently learning about the effects of capitalism, colonialism and academia on holistic health. My formal/institutional learning has traditionally centred whiteness; in unlearning, I seek to broaden my understanding of BIPOC, 2SLGBTQIA+, neurodivergent and disabled perspectives.

In September 2023, I began teaching as an adjunct faculty member at Adler University. In January 2024, I continued my studies in somatic experiencing.

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