Masters of Counselling Psychology - Art Therapy

Registered Clinical Counsellor (BCACC #18212)

Professional Art Therapist (CATA #155675125)

How to pronounce my name: Elspeth Robertson



Originally from Ontario, I came to Vancouver in 2018 for my counselling education. Flash forward a few years and I am still loving exploring the beautiful BC landscapes and my annual trips home to visit my big family.


Why am I an art therapist? When I was a kid, I was so creative and curious. I loved making art but always viewed it as secondary to more serious schoolwork and aspirations. I know what it is like to excel in school/work and still feel inadequate, like I needed to work to the point of burnout in order to "prove myself". It wasn't until I was forced to pause and slow down that I recognized how much this chronic stress was affecting my mind and body. I badly broke my knee the summer after undergrad and everything shifted for me. In that time when I could not work "productively", I turned to art and began practicing embroidery, watercolour painting, printmaking and making paper flowers. Basically, everything that I was curious about but was never able to dedicate the time to. I found comfort, solace, excitement and healing in art and knew that I wanted to spend more time in that space. All my life I wanted to grow up and be an artist, and now here I am making art with others every day in deeply meaningful ways.


I am a lifelong learner, guided by curiosity and open exploration. I am a bookworm and a tree hugger. My friends know that if they go for a walk in the forest with me, I will talk with the trees and say hello to the crows and inevitably tell them all about the latest podcast I listened to or book I read. I especially love Peter Wohlleben's The Hidden Life of Trees and comforting magical realism reads. I really want to be a gardener, but I live in the city so will settle for my patio flowers, indoor blooms and farmer's market finds. When I'm not lost in a book or out amongst the trees, I am snuggled up at home with my cat Nimbus, working on an art project while an NBC comedy plays in the background. Oh, or I'm at work. Which I am so glad is equally as energizing and interesting.


When has one thing always worked for everybody?

I work from an approach that integrates various evidence-based therapeutic styles and techniques, to uniquely tailor the therapeutic experience to each individual client's needs.


What you can be sure to expect is some combination of art, talking and breathing. I love to laugh with my clients because therapy is just as much about goodness and what brings you joy as it is about exploring what you are struggling with. I am guided by humour and appreciation of beauty, embracing messiness and the intention to show up authentically and imperfectly.

Counselling Art Therapy Vancouver | Intrinsic Therapy


  • art therapy

  • solution focused therapy

  • somatic therapy

  • compassion focused counselling

  • positive psychology

  • interpersonal neurobiology

  • ecopsychology

  • mindfulness


Bachelor of Arts Psychology and Art History | Queen's University 2017

Masters of Counselling Psychology & Art Therapy | Adler University 2020


Core Indigenous Cultural Safety Mental Health | San'yas Indigenous Cultural Safety 2020

Expressive Play Therapy for Healing Complex Trauma | Centre for Expressive Therapy 2020

Certificate in Ecopsychology | Pacifica Graduate Institute 2019

The Clinical Application of Compassion | NICAMB 2019

 in progress

Certified Clinical Anxiety Treatment Professional | Institute of Certified Anxiety Treatment Professionals

Somatic Experiencing® Professional | SE™ Trauma Institute