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for anxiety, stress, burnout & perfectionism

High levels of stress and working ourselves to the point of burnout are the norm in today's society.


This does not have to be your norm.

Anxiety can place you in a box disguised as high achievement and perfectionism.

This box can be helpful to achieve goals, but what happens when it all becomes too much and

it turns out the box is too small?

The pressure of feeling like you have to get everything right all the time may be holding you back from

self-expansion, growth, nourishment and connection.

Through holistic counselling, you can begin to regain a balance of body, mind and soul, caring for yourself with compassion and building your capacity to positively cope with anxiety and stress.

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"Tell me, what do you want to do

with your one wild and precious life?"



a session looks like:

creating rituals: this is slow work. We ease in and out of it with opening and closing rituals (for example, breathing, grounding, speaking intentions).

art-making: working with art materials like pencil crayons, markers, watercolour paint and plasticine. We create art to explore themes on a deeper and more spiritual level. Art-making is therapeutic in itself; sometimes we might just pay attention to how it feels to create.

mindful compassion: paying attention to the power of language within internal dialogue, therapeutic conversations often looks like re-writing personal narratives through a compassionate, nonjudgmental lens.

presence: our bodies are present with us in session. Connecting body sensations with thoughts and emotions can enhance feelings of groundedness and the body's capacity to heal.

justice-oriented/anti-oppressive inquiry: questioning the role of cultural (colonial, capitalist, patriarchal) conditioning in thoughts, feelings and behaviours and introducing a paradigm shift in the understanding of personal values, authenticity and intentionality.

what to expect adults

your investment

$200 per 50-minute session. Fees include GST.

When beginning the therapeutic process, sessions are weekly or every other week. After establishing a working relationship, monthly booking is available.

Expect to invest in 10 or more sessions.

* All discounted student fee spots are currently full. Contact me if you would like to be put on the waitlist.

my investment

I am invested in my clients and take active steps to ensure that I show up to sessions fully and authentically. I maintain a small client base and book only a few clients a day to prevent burnout. 

I invest in consistent professional supervision, personal therapy, peer support and advanced training. In the therapy room, you will find quality art supplies, and abundant take-home resources.

My clients receive discounted rates on the therapeutic groups/workshops I facilitate.


In-person sessions are available in downtown Vancouver.

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