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Writing a Prayer

This book profoundly changed the way I view my therapy practice.

I really like that my work is called a practice. That it is something that I can continually learn and grow within. Practicing acknowledges that perfection is not the goal. All I can do is show up authentically in all of the work that I do.

One of the sections that spoke to me was on spirituality and bringing spirit into my work. For a long time, I felt the need to excel academically and intellectually, showing everyone how smart I am. I was disconnected from my spiritual self. I have learned that my spirit needs to show up in my work with clients, especially if I am encouraging them to reconnect with their values and seek wisdom and guidance from their own spirits.

Following the guidance from this book, I wrote a prayer. Reclaiming this element of prayer and intention setting soothes the parts of myself that resisted soul work, that focused solely on academia and appearances. Through spending intentional time and consideration within daily rituals, I have become more connected to how I want to show up in my work.

Here is my prayer for this work:

My spirit is reawakening. I am gentle with myself so as not to startle it. My intention emerges healthy and vibrant.

My work is for those who also find their spirit aslumber, weighed down, blanketed by layers of expectations.

When we create art together, we practice collective healing.

My spirit comes alive doing this work, beckoning other spirits to do the same.

When I choose to share my energy, it is so that others might reclaim theirs.

Letting go of the pressure to be perfect, we thrive.

I recite this prayer anytime I start to feel disconnected from my work. I come back to it and see if it still rings true. It has helped guide me in my decisions for my business and professional life, and that has influenced my personal, spiritual life.

Thank you for being witness to my prayer. If you saw yourself in it, I encourage you to write your own prayer. Write it down and say it out loud. Show up for yourself.



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