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Intrinsic Counselling & Art Therapy | downtown vancouver | therapy for anxiety stress perfectionism burnout


holistic counselling, art therapy + workshops
vancouver, bc

Are you stressed out about maintaining high standards and expectations? Is the pressure to be perfect holding you back from finding true joy? 


My clients struggle like you do. The old patterns that have served them well for years are just not working anymore. Anxiety and stress builds up and they are left exhausted trying to live up to impossible standards of achievement and perfectionism. When they do have a moment to themselves, anxious thoughts follow them - thoughts like "if I just take on this one more thing, everything will be better". When they first come to therapy, they are stuck in this cycle of over-extension, feeling like taking a break or saying no must be a sign of weakness.

The pressure of feeling like you have to get everything right all the time may similarly be holding you back from self-expansion, growth, nourishment and connection.

Through the transformative power of holistic counselling and art therapy, you can begin to regain a balance of body, mind and soul, caring for yourself with compassion and building your capacity to positively cope with anxiety and stress.

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Y O U  H A V E  S U C C E S S F U L L Y  S  U  B S C R I B E D

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testimonials | intrinsic counselling art therapy | downtown vancouver | therapy for anxiety stress perfectionism burnout


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