Counselling Art Therapy Vancouver | Intrinsic Therapy

for children and youth

Kids constantly experience life transitions and have to learn to navigate their changing world. The growth and change process has been made even more difficult as the entire world changes throughout the coronavirus pandemic. Childhood, in general, is changing - children are growing up in an increasingly anxiety-provoking, technological and achievement-focused world.

That's a lot of change. 

My aim is to help children and youth adjust to these changes without adding more stress to their lives. Art and play are easily recognizable, comforting and natural ways for children to express themselves. Children are drawn to work through change and stress by colouring, scribbling, roleplaying, dancing and singing. If your child is struggling to cope during these times, counselling and expressive therapy can help build resilience, offer positive coping strategies and offer an outlet to explore the changing world in a space free of judgment - where your kid can be a kid.


Currently accepting new clients ages 10+ in Vancouver.

Counselling Art Therapy Vancouver | Intrinsic Therapy