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hello September

It feels nice to be writing again after taking an unexpected break this summer. There was so much that I could have written about: my birthday weekend, getting older, travelling home, swimming with seals and summertime therapy reflections.

But whenever I would sit down to write, I kept coming up against the pressing realization of:

I am sad,

I am sad,

I am sad.

This feeling was present with me for the majority of the summer. Work slowed down. I got a break. I let out a deep exhale, and all of the grief and sadness that I didn’t have time for in busier months escaped and demanded to be felt.

iona beach at sunset
iona beach at sunset

At the beginning of August, my friend took me to Iona Beach to watch a glowy sunset and breathtaking moonrise. As the full moon ascended from the horizon, they turned to me and asked me what I wanted to let go of. I considered my answer and clarity washed over me.

I didn’t want to let go of the sadness. It was here to teach me something. It had a message for me and I needed to stop and listen to it.

I allowed myself to sit in sadness, creating a sanctuary for my feelings through personal writing and dance and crying and art and therapy and hugs and home. My community surrounded and held me. I envisioned myself like a nurse log - a fallen branch that splintered and cracked off the main tree, only to create new life on the forest floor. I knew beautiful things could grow from this experience.

And a few days ago, on the second full moon of August, I hosted a vision boarding workshop, asking again: “What do you want to let go of?” and “What do you want to invite in?”.

vision board stating: let the beauty of what you love be what you do
september's vision board

Taking the break to truly feel everything I needed to feel this summer gave me so much space to reflect on what practices I want to nurture in the fall.

I know I want to keep showing up wholly imperfect. I want to keep figuring things out as I go, letting my feelings speak to me and guide me. I know that I want beauty in my life. I don't want to turn away from hard experiences, because I know now that they can bring beauty and joy and clarity.

On this September day, as the air turns crisp, and the dew sticks to the grass, I feel a renewed sense of self. Can you feel it too? The feeling of possibility that September brings?


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