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how I'm showing up this summer

How I’m showing up lately:

🌬️ Messy hair, probably fresh from a swim or blown about in the wind

🌞 Sunburnt and a lil tired

👩🏻‍🎨 So excited to spend time in the studio

♥️ Tender-hearted, feeling things deeply and rejoicing in the spiritual connection shared with clients and community (seriously, everything is making me cry lately)

👧🏻 With a younger version of self leading, prioritizing rest and play

I’m continually trying to offer myself gentleness with the concept of professionalism. Reminding myself that I have created my work and that I can exist in this space however I choose. Throwing my hair in a bun and wearing shorts to work feels like a quiet rebellion against my inner critic and oppressive cultural systems.

This summer is for letting loose and reconnecting to authenticity.

With a summer slowdown in client work, I’ll be offering more private studio sessions and peer consultations at discounted rates. Maybe I’ll get some art together and have a sale 🤔

And I have a few spots open for new clients! You can come sit in the sunshine-y studio, eat freezies with me and make art to uncover your deepest authentic self.

How are you showing up this summer?



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