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March Reflections

Last week I sent a loooong newsletter, and this week was shorter. I want to remind myself that change week-to-week is ok, and that just because I have done something one way doesn’t mean I have to continue with that pattern forever.

Do you ever get stuck in that feeling? Of needing to continually put your best foot forward, with strict parameters of what it means to be the best?

The sunshine really wakes something up in me. There is a restlessness to do more, be more, work harder, stay outside longer, get out of my comfort zone.

Today, I don’t want to be the best. I just want to be ok. Good enough exactly as I am.

I’m tired after laughing with an old friend for hours last night. I’m excited to go into my studio early today to meet with a colleague I’ve only ever talked to online before. I’m nervous to go to the pickleball courts and dust off my skills this afternoon.

It’s sunny outside and I actually want to go for a walk, rather than sitting at my computer and working.

I remind myself that all these feelings are ok. And it is ok that they all exist at the same time.

When I want to offer myself some groundedness and self-compassion, I often move towards journalling and inner reflection. Here’s what I have been considering lately:

What season of my life am I in? A personal winter, summer or the cusp of spring? Or maybe this is a period of my life that I want to name “Growth” or “Exploration” or “Rest” or “Reflection”.

What do I want to invite in? As the days grow longer, how do I fill my time?

What do I want to let go of? Are there routines or rituals that are no longer serving me in this season?

What am I grateful for in this season? Choosing one thing to pay attention to, to delight in and appreciate.

When you’re feeling stuck, I hope that you can come back here, poised with a pen and paper, putting your answers on the page. All feelings and answers and ponderings are ok.

When you finish writing, a final consideration is: “What will I do with this knowledge?”. Sometimes we just need some acknowledgement of our personal truths to springboard change, acceptance and understanding. What will you do when you know what you want to let go of or invite in? How might this shift your day-to-day?

These questions always shift things (even a little bit) for me. I hope you find the same kind of comfort in them.



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