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student discount now available

I offer 2 reduced fee spots available in Vancouver for anyone needing more support during their studies. These spots have just opened up again for students and new grads! 🍎

My mental health challenges really intensified when I was in university. First in undergrad, with burnout and depression that caused me to feel isolated and unmotivated. I'm so glad I reached out for support at our campus health care centre and found ways to cope through the rest of my program.

After a year away from school, I started my graduate studies. In my 2nd semester of grad school, my stress levels became so high that I was breaking down crying in the middle of class. All I would do was go to class, go to work, study and sleep. Being all on my own in a new city and in a new grad program was taking its toll on me.

Higher education can really be all-consuming.

At that time, I knew I needed more than just a check up at the university health centre. I needed focused support to unlearn perfectionism, develop coping skills and process the emotionally intense experience of training to be a therapist. I’m so grateful that my instructor compassionately recommended a therapist who saw students at a reduced rate. So I like to offer the same kind of support to students now.

Because I know how hard it is to feel like you are drowning in your program - even when it is everything that you thought you wanted.

If you are a student considering entering therapy, and would like to access the reduced rate, simply add a note to your initial contact form. We can get through this together.



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